Tactical Hydration Bags

Tactical hydration bags, also known as tactical hydration packs, are specialized backpacks designed for military, law enforcement, outdoor enthusiasts, and athletes who require a durable and efficient means of carrying water and essential gear while on the move. These packs are characterized by their robust construction, ergonomic design, and integrated water storage system.

The core feature of a tactical hydration bag is its hydration bladder, typically made from a durable, food-grade material. This bladder can range in capacity, usually from 1 to 3 liters, and is equipped with a hose and bite valve for easy drinking without needing to stop or remove the pack. The hose is often insulated to prevent water from freezing in cold environments and to keep it cool in hot conditions.

The construction of the bag itself is of paramount importance. Made from high-quality, rugged materials like Cordura nylon, these packs are designed to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling. They often feature a MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system, allowing for the attachment of various pouches and gear, making them highly customizable for different missions or activities.

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Why Choose AET Custom Tactical Hydration Bags

AET excels in customizing Tactical Hydration Bags, offering several significant advantages. Firstly, their customization capability allows users to tailor bags to specific operational needs, whether it’s adjusting the size, compartment configuration, or adding specialized features. This level of personalization ensures that each bag perfectly aligns with the user’s requirements, whether for military, law enforcement, or outdoor activities. Secondly, AET’s commitment to quality is evident in their use of premium materials, ensuring that each hydration bag is not only durable but also capable of withstanding harsh and demanding environments. This durability is crucial for gear that is regularly exposed to tough conditions.

Another advantage is AET’s focus on ergonomic design. Understanding the importance of comfort, especially during extended use, they ensure that each bag is comfortable to wear, with features like padded straps and breathable back panels. The hydration system in these bags is also a standout feature, designed for easy access, efficient water flow, and insulated to maintain temperature. Moreover, AET’s bags often include advanced features like MOLLE webbing for attaching additional gear and secure compartments for sensitive equipment, enhancing their versatility.

The Most Comprehensive Tactical Ba Guide

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What are tactical hydration backpacks?

Tactical Hydration Backpacks: Staying Hydrated on the Move
Tactical hydration-compatible backpacks have a dedicated compartment or sleeve designed to hold a hydration bladder. This compartment is usually located inside or behind the main compartment of the backpack.

These backpacks have openings or ports near the top of the shoulder straps or along the sides to route the drinking tube. Some backpacks come with built-in clips or straps to help hold the hydration tube in its place, preventing it from bouncing around while on the move.

These hydration backpacks come with all the standard features of a tactical backpack, except that they also have ports and clips to accommodate a tube for easy access to the water inside the reservoir. Hydration reservoirs are typically not included in tactical backpacks. You should purchase a bladder separately.

Uses of Tactical hydration backpacks

Just like other typical tactical backpacks, these hydration backpacks are widely used for military and law enforcement operations, outdoor activities, sports, and more.

Main benefits of using a tactical hydration backpack

Besides the common benefits provided by tactical backpacks, a hydration-compatible backpack excels in the following aspects.

  • Hands-free hydration: With the bite valve positioned near your mouth, you can drink water without interrupting your activities and rummaging through your backpack. It’s particularly beneficial during activities such as long-running, cycling or hiking.
  • Improved performance: Staying hydrated enhances both physical and mental performance.
  • Temperature control: Some tactical backpacks have insulation around the hydration reservoir, which helps keep water cool in hot weather or avoid freezing in cold conditions.

Components of a hydration bladder

There are many types of tactical gear you can find with a dedicated compartment or pocket for holding hydration bladders, including tactical backpacks, plate carriers, chest rigs, tactical belts and more.

  • Hydration bladder: A hydration bladder, also referred as a hydration reservoir or water bladder, is typically made of TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane). It can hold different capacities of water ranging from 1 to 3 liters or more. The bladder often has a screw-on or slide-seal cap for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Hose (or tube): The bladder is connected to a drinking hose that extends from the inside of the pack to the wearer’s mouth. The hose is usually routed through a port in the bag for easy access.
  • Valve (or bite valve): With the bite valve at the end of hose, the user can drink water without needing to stop and remove the reservoir from the bag. The bite valve is designed to prevent leaks and can be opened or closed by biting down on it.

Choosing the right size of hydration bladder

The choice of capacity depends on how much water the user needs and the duration and intensity of the activity. For example, 1.5 liters bladders are sufficient for short outings, while bladders of 3 liters or more are more suitable for extended trips. Choose a size that meets your hydration needs without being too heavy.
Pay attention to the size of the hydration bladder compartment. Ensure that it can well accommodate your chosen bladder size.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the hydration bladder

Materials you may need include:
mild dish soap, warm water, a long-handled brush, a small brush, a long spring wire brush, a drying sack, etc.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean the hydration bladder.

  • Step1 Empty the reservoir and disassemble the components
    Empty the water bladder and remove the drinking tube, bite valve, and any other detachable components.

  • Step2 Rinse thoroughly and scrub the interior
    Rinse the water bladder and its components with warm water to remove any dirt or residue. Then, fill the bladder with warm water add a few drops of mild dish soap, and use a long-handled brush to scrub the interior of the bladder thoroughly to keep out any bacteria or mold.

  • Step 3 clean the drinking tube and the bite valve
    Use a long spring wire brush to clean the inside of the drinking tube. Insert the brush into one end of the tube and work it to the other end. Make sure that no mold or residue is left inside.
    Use a small brush to clean the interior of the bite valve, and rinse thoroughly.

  • Step 4 Air dry and reassemble
    Air dry all the components completely. Hang the bladder upside down to ensure that all moisture drains out. You can place the drinking tube and the bite valve on a drying rack for air circulation.
    After all components are dry, reassemble the water bladder. Make sure that everything is well attached.

  • Step 5 regular maintenance and storing properly
    Check the water bladder regularly for any signs of wear and tear, such as leaks or damaged parts. Replace them promptly to maintain the functionality.
    When not in use, store the reservoir and the components in a clean and dry place to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.


Proper hydration is crucial, especially during physically demanding activities. So having easy access to water via a hydration bladder can be a significant advantage when using a tactical backpack for outdoor adventures or missions.