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Established in 2009, AET (LQARMY) has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality tactical gear, with a special focus on custom, professional solutions for military, law enforcement, and outdoor applications.

Our dedication to excellence is evident in our customized tactical backpacks, each tailored to the exact specifications of our customers.

From military forces to avid adventurers, our products are designed to offer unmatched durability and specialized functionality.

At AET (LQARMY), we combine our deep industry knowledge with a commitment to meet the highest standards, ensuring that every backpack we craft serves the unique needs of professionals around the globe.

Explore our range of tactical backpacks to find your perfect fit, or contact us today for custom solutions!

Customize Your Tactical Backpack for Maximum Efficiency

Discover the endless customization possibilities with our Custom Tactical Backpacks, expertly designed to meet every need.

Whether you’re looking for improved functionality, premium materials, a specific color scheme, or tailored features for unique applications, our backpacks are customized to meet every aspect of your tactical and outdoor needs.

Tailor your backpack to meet your specific requirements, whether it’s additional pockets, modular attachments, or specialized compartments for distinct gear.

Choose from a range of high-quality materials, ensuring durability, weather resistance, and the overall performance that suits your intended use.

Customize the look of your backpack with our extensive color palette.

Options range from classic camo for tactical environments, sleek tactical black for professional use, vibrant colors for high visibility in hunting or rescue operations, subdued hues perfect for everyday carry, and more.

Define the purpose of your backpack – be it for outdoor adventures, tactical missions, or everyday carry. Customize the features to align seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Ready to craft your unique Custom Tactical Backpack? Contact us now to discuss your preferences and receive a personalized quote. Your perfect gear awaits – inquire today!

Custom Tactical Backpack

Best Custom Tactical Backpack

Tailor your backpack with precision, choosing from a spectrum of functionalities, premium materials, and customizable features. Whether you’re gearing up for outdoor adventures or professional missions, our Best Custom Tactical Backpacks provide the perfect combination of style, durability, and purpose.

Only a few are shown below. If you don’t see the style you’re looking for, please contact us. We offer a wide variety of styles to choose from. Additionally, you can send us your specific requirements, and we can customize them to meet your needs.

This versatile travel companion blends digital camo style with tactical functionality. The Molle system and expandable design ensure adaptability for any adventure.

Manufactured with a commitment to excellence, this backpack is available for wholesale worldwide. Elevate your travel experience – contact us for customization or wholesale inquiries and redefine your journey in style.

This tactical assault hydration-compatible backpack is great for anyone frequently engaged in camping, hiking, trekking, traveling, or outdoor survival adventures. Compact enough for easy carrying yet spacious enough to accommodate your belongings, it strikes the perfect balance for outdoor enthusiasts.

This tactical rifle backpack is a versatile choice for everyday adventures such as hiking, camping, and trekking. Designed to fit up to 40 liters of gear, it measures 12.5″ x 18″ x 8.5″ and features a total of four zippered compartments, including two side pockets and an interior mesh pocket. This backpack is ideal for those who demand high performance from their gear.

With a commitment to excellence, we offer a fully customizable design. Wholesale orders are available globally – redefine your professional mobility today with a backpack that’s as versatile as you are.

Conquer any mission with our Military-Grade Backpacks. Crafted to meet the toughest standards, these backpacks guarantee top-tier quality for your most demanding endeavors. Available for wholesale orders worldwide, our military-grade backpacks redefine the standards of toughness and reliability. Contact us for inquiries or customization options and equip yourself with the best for your next mission.

This black tactical backpack is designed to meet the demands of various outdoor and everyday activities. Constructed from durable 600D polyester with a generous 2,800 cubic inches (45L) of storage space, this backpack provides ample room for your essential gear.

Fully customizable to your specifications, our commitment to excellence ensures top-tier quality. Wholesale orders are welcome – redefine your tactical setup today with a backpack designed for peak performance.

Stay hydrated and mission-ready with our tactical hydration backpack. Beyond its military-style exterior, this backpack is fully customizable to your preferences. As a manufacturer committed to excellence, we ensure top-tier quality in every detail. Wholesale options are available globally – contact us to redefine your gear with this functional and durable hydration backpack that effortlessly combines style with substance.

Conquer your daily missions with the Tactical EDC Backpack. Engineered for everyday carry, this backpack combines functionality with a customizable design. As dedicated manufacturers, we guarantee top-tier quality for your everyday needs. Wholesale orders are welcome – step into the world where quality and customization converge. Contact us for inquiries or customization options and redefine your everyday carry experience.

Seamlessly integrate work and play with our Tactical Backpack featuring a dedicated laptop compartment. This backpack offers tactical functionality while ensuring the safety of your devices. Manufactured with a commitment to excellence, it is fully customizable. Wholesale orders are available globally – redefine your professional and tactical balance today with a backpack designed for versatility and performance.

Achieve peak performance with our Tactical Gym Backpacks. Engineered for gym enthusiasts, these backpacks combine durability with tactical features. Customizable to your preferences, our commitment to excellence ensures top-tier quality. Wholesale orders are welcome – step into the world where fitness meets functionality. Contact us for inquiries or customization options and elevate your gym experience with a backpack that matches your dedication.

Defy the elements with our Waterproof Military Backpack. Crafted to military standards, this backpack guarantees durability and waterproof protection for your gear. Available for wholesale orders worldwide, redefine your outdoor adventures with this top-tier quality waterproof military backpack. Contact us for inquiries or customization options and equip yourself with gear that can withstand any challenge.

Embrace tactical style with our Tactical Sling Backpack. Beyond its aesthetics, this backpack is fully customizable to suit your preferences. As manufacturers committed to excellence, we ensure top quality in every detail. Wholesale options are available globally – contact us to redefine your gear with this functional and stylish tan tactical backpack, perfect for those who demand both style and substance.

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Explore our extensive Tactical Backpack range in our latest catalog. Dive into detailed insights, including features, benefits, specifications, ratings, warranties, and more. Regularly updated for the latest information. If you can’t find what you need, reach out to us at [email protected] for personalized assistance.

Why Customers Choose Us

To be their tactical backpack supplier

Innovative Design

Stay ahead with our innovative designs. As your tactical backpack supplier, we constantly evolve our products to meet the dynamic demands of the industry and your specific requirements.

Unrivaled Product Range

Choose us as your tactical backpack supplier for an extensive range of options. We have the perfect gear for every need, from standard models to custom solutions.

Flexible Ordering Options

Experience the ease of procurement with our flexible ordering. Whether you need a single backpack or bulk quantities, our scalable solutions cater to your business needs.

Global Logistics, Local Service

Benefit from our global reach and local service commitment. We seamlessly handle logistics on a global scale while providing personalized service that understands your regional needs.

Quality Craftsmanship

Elevate your expectations with our commitment to quality. Our tactical backpacks are crafted with precision, ensuring durability, functionality, and a superior user experience.

Transparent Communication

Trust us for transparent and open communication. As your tactical backpack supplier, we value clear and honest dialogue, ensuring you are informed and confident in your partnership with us.


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Customization is key for us, and AET (LQARMY) gets it right every time. Being able to add our branding and tailor the gear to our needs strengthens our professional image. A reliable partner for our procurement strategy.

Kelly Joe

**Marketing Manager

As a procurement officer, dealing with AET (LQARMY) has been a breeze. Ordering is straightforward, and their team is quick to respond and resolve any issues. Makes my job a whole lot easier.

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Jemma Stone

Purchasing Director

In the procurement world, quality matters. AET (LQARMY) goes above and beyond. The tactical gear we’ve sourced here withstands the demands of our operations, ensuring our team is equipped with the best.

Stella Alba

Quality Supervisor

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