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AET plays a vital role in designing and manufacturing tactical gun bags. We produce original style and quality gun bag solutions.

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Elevate your firearm accessories inventory with AET (L&Q army) – recognized as the Best Gun Bag Manufacturer. Our commitment to excellence and precision in crafting gun bags sets us apart in the industry. Meticulously engineered with high-grade materials, our gun bags offer unparalleled protection and functionality, catering to the needs of discerning dealers, procurers, and retailers worldwide.

As the premier gun bag supplier, we pride ourselves on delivering superior products that exceed international standards. Our gun bags are designed not just for carrying firearms but as statements of reliability, durability, and style. From tactical missions to outdoor adventures, our gun bags are the embodiment of quality and precision, setting the benchmark for firearm accessory excellence.

Partner with AET to enhance your product offerings and provide your customers with the best in firearm storage solutions. Contact us now to explore collaboration opportunities, distributorship details, and access to the finest gun bags in the industry. Elevate your brand with AET – where excellence meets innovation in firearm accessories.

Best-selling Gun Bag

Enjoy a wide range of the best tactical gear solutions from China’s leading tactical belt manufacturers and suppliers. With AET(L&Q army), you can enjoy competitive prices and hassle-free wholesale shipping. Whether you choose one of our standard designs or a custom lighting solution for your project, we can provide services based on your needs.

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Pistol Bag

Unlock top-tier firearm storage with our customizable pistol bags. Crafted in-house, our bags boast superior durability and tailored design. Ideal for range days or everyday carry, our pistol bags ensure your firearms are always secure. Contact us today to explore our wholesale options and elevate your firearm storage game.

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Rifle Bag

Discover unparalleled firearm storage with our customizable rifle bags. Engineered for maximum durability, our bags provide exceptional protection for your rifles. From hunting excursions to tactical missions, our rifle bags are designed to meet your needs. Reach out to us now to learn more about our wholesale offerings and revolutionize your firearm storage solution.

Download Full Catalog To View More Products

To see more tactical gun bags products, download our current catalog for an overview of all products, including features and benefits, specs, ratings, warranties and more. The manual is updated regularly. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

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Why Choose Our Gun Bag Supply?

Elevate your firearm protection with AET, your top-tier gun bag supplier. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every product, combining unmatched quality, precision craftsmanship, and innovative solutions. Choose AET for a seamless blend of reliability and style, making us the trusted name in tactical gear. Your firearms deserve the best – choose AET for uncompromising excellence in every detail.

  • Custom Craftsmanship
  • Advanced Production Excellence
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dedicated After-Sales Service
  • Professional after-sales team

Why Choose AET (LQ ARMY) As Your Exclusive Tactical Belt Supplier?

AET (L&Q army) is a world-class tactical equipment company with modern workshops, experienced R&D and design teams, professional business service teams and passionate after-sales logistics teams. We can design, manufacture and deliver according to your requirements.

Professional craftsmanship

We are proud of our outstanding development and production teams who ensure every job is completed to the high standards we are known for.

competitive price

We maintain good cooperative relationships with raw material suppliers, maintain the most competitive prices for our customers, and provide significant discounts for every customer order, giving us an advantage over our competitors.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We focus on our values, clear and concise communication to ensure your needs are fully met and met. Our unparalleled products and services have your best interests in mind first.

AET-Custom Production Gun Bags

AET’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in our top-tier selection of customized gun bags. We take pride in producing high-quality gun bags that cater to a variety of application needs. Our range encompasses pistol bags, rifle bags, and shooting range bags, all expertly designed to meet your specific requirements. When it comes to safeguarding and transporting your firearms, AET’s custom gun bags are the ultimate choice. Discover unmatched quality and tailor-made solutions – your quest for the perfect gun bag ends here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Bags

What material are the gun bags made of?

The gun bags are typically made from durable and water-resistant materials such as nylon or polyester.

Do the gun bags come with padding or protection to prevent damage to firearms?

Yes, our gun bags are designed with padding or foam inserts to provide protection and prevent damage to firearms during transport or storage.

Are the gun bags suitable for storing handguns of all sizes?

Yes, our gun bags come in various sizes to accommodate handguns of different sizes and models.

Are the gun bags equipped with lockable zippers or other security features?

Yes, many of our gun bags feature lockable zippers or other security features such as combination locks or padlock loops to ensure the safety and security of your firearms.

Can the gun bags be carried discreetly or are they visibly branded?

Our gun bags are designed with discretion in mind and do not feature visible branding, allowing for discreet transportation of firearms.

Do the gun bags comply with regulations for transporting firearms?

While our gun bags are designed to provide safe and secure transport of firearms, it is important to ensure compliance with local regulations regarding the transportation of firearms in your area.

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