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At AET(L&Q army), we specialize in manufacturing and distributing high-quality tactical equipment. Our operations include cutting, sewing, and assembling tactical bags and pouches to meet your exact specifications.

We offer a wide selection of tactical bag styles, including tactical backpack, tactical sling bags, tactical waist bags, hydration packs, military medical bags, military duffle bags, and more. All our bags are made from durable, military-grade materials such as 1000D nylon, 500D cordura, or waterproof PVC tarpaulin.

Our production capabilities allow us to customize any of our tactical backpack designs to fit your needs. Whether you require MOLLE webbing, extra interior compartments, hydration bladder compatibility, or other custom features, we can fabricate your ideal tactical backpack.

Contact AETTACTICAL today to discuss your upcoming project requiring tactical bags or equipment. We will work closely with you through every step of the process, from design to finished production. Discover how our manufacturing capabilities can help you obtain quality, customized tactical gear for your needs.

Comprehensive tactical customization services

we understand that every mission is unique and requires specialized gear. That’s why we offer our “Comprehensive Tactical Package Customization Services”, tailored to meet the specific needs of our discerning clientele. Whether you’re a military professional, law enforcement officer, outdoor enthusiast, or part of a security team, our customization service allows you to modify and enhance your tactical bags to suit your requirements. From selecting durable materials that withstand extreme conditions to integrating advanced organizational features for efficient gear accessibility, our skilled designers work closely with you at every step. We offer various customizable options, including size alterations, additional pockets, MOLLE system integration, color variations, and personalized branding. Our commitment to quality and functionality ensures that your customized tactical bag meets and exceeds your expectations, providing reliability and performance when it matters most. Trust us to equip you with a tactical solution that’s as unique as your mission.

Multipurpose tactical bag style

As a leading tactical bag manufacturer,With options such as Tactical Backpacks for extended expeditions, Tactical Waist Bags for quick and convenient access, Tactical Sling Bags for on-the-go mobility, and specialized bags like Shooting Range Bags and Assault Packs, our Tactical Bags cater to a diverse set of needs. Crafted for durability and functionality, these bags often include reinforced straps, multiple pockets, and MOLLE webbing for customizable attachments.

Highland Tactical Backpack

If you are looking for a high-quality tactical backpack supplier, AET (L&Q army) must be a partner you can’t miss! The tactical backpacks we produce are not only widely used in military armed forces, but also favored by a wide range of people including military enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel, outdoor tourism and leisure personnel, office personnel, etc. This is due to the effective combination of functionality and fashion trends in our products. We can work with orders of all sizes, so ask us for help today!

Tactical Waist bag

Discover the pinnacle of style and functionality with our Tactical Waist Bag at AET (L&Q army). As your go-to partner for high-quality tactical gear, our waist bag is meticulously crafted for the modern adventurer. Versatile and durable, it seamlessly combines fashion trends with top-notch functionality. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, urban explorers, and those with a taste for tactical excellence, our Tactical Waist Bag is a statement accessory. Ready to cater to your individual needs, inquire today to make this rugged companion yours and elevate your gear game.

Tactical Hydration Bags

Look no further for a premium tactical sling bag – AET (L&Q army) has you covered! Our tactical sling bags are not just favored by military armed forces but are also a top choice for military enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Combining functionality with the latest fashion trends, these bags are a perfect blend of style and utility. Whether you’re on duty or exploring the outdoors, our Tactical Sling Bag is designed to meet your demands. With the ability to handle orders of all sizes, contact us today to secure your high-quality tactical gear.

Tactical Hydration Bags

Quench your thirst for adventure with AET’s Tactical Hydration Bags. As a leading tactical backpack supplier, our hydration bags are a preferred choice for military armed forces, outdoor enthusiasts, and more. The perfect fusion of functionality and style, these bags ensure you stay hydrated while on the move. Tailored to meet the needs of various individuals, including office personnel, our Tactical Hydration Bags are a testament to our commitment to quality. Ready to take on orders of all sizes, contact us today to hydrate your journey with this exceptional tactical gear.

Military Medical Bags

For top-tier military medical bags, AET (L&Q army) stands out as the ultimate supplier. Widely embraced by military armed forces and medical professionals, our bags are a testament to the effective combination of functionality and fashion trends. Whether you’re on the field or in a medical setting, our Military Medical Bags are designed to meet the highest standards. Versatile and accommodating orders of all sizes, reach out today to equip yourself with these essential tactical medical solutions.

Tactical Parachute Bags

As your premier tactical backpack supplier, we offer parachute bags that transcend military applications, captivating military enthusiasts, adventurers, and professionals alike. These bags seamlessly blend functionality with contemporary fashion trends, ensuring you make a statement wherever your journey takes you. Engineered to handle orders of all sizes, secure your Tactical Parachute Bag today and elevate your gear collection to new heights.

Military Duffle Bags

AET (L&Q army) proudly presents Military Duffle Bags – the embodiment of durability and style. Renowned as a top-tier tactical backpack supplier, our duffle bags are cherished by military armed forces and civilians alike. The effective fusion of functionality and fashion trends makes these bags a versatile choice for travel, training, and everyday use. With the capacity to accommodate orders of all sizes, seize the opportunity to own a Military Duffle Bag that reflects your commitment to quality and tactical excellence. Inquire today and embark on your journeys with confidence and style.

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Please contact us to learn more about the full-process customization services provided by AET (L&Q ARMY) for your tactical equipment procurement. From tactical backpacks and vests to tactical belts, tactical uniforms and more, we provide solutions for your localized business.

Features of Tactical Bag

Tactical Bag Manufacturers and Suppliers


Tactical backpacks are typically made from rugged and high-quality materials such as nylon, Cordura, polyester, or other scratch-resistant fabrics to withstand challenging or harsh conditions and heavy loads. This can also prolong the backpack’s longevity.

Modular design

Tactical backpacks often have one or more main compartments and multiple pockets, providing roomy space for organized storage and allowing for easy access. Some backpacks have compression straps to help fix the loads when they are not fully packed.

MOLLE webbing

MOLLE webbing on the exterior is an extinguishing feature of most tactical backpacks. It enables users to attach additional pouches and accessories to the pack based on their specific needs.

Comfort and load-bearing

To increase comfort during the extended wear, most tactical backpacks are equipped with padded shoulder straps, padded mesh back panels, detachable sternum straps and waist belts. In such ways, weight can be distributed more evenly, and the use of mesh can reduce moisture buildup.

Hydration compatibility

Many tactical backpacks have built-in hydration compartments or pockets to hold hydration bladders, allowing users to access water conveniently during long-duration missions without having to stop and use a water bottle.

Colors and patterns

Tactical backpacks always feature colors like camouflage patterns, Multicam coyote brown, or olive drab to match the user’s environment or uniform requirements.


Tailored Tactical Solutions by AET

Custom Design Process: Your Specifications, Our Mission

Specify your needs, and we'll meticulously design your tactical gear. Whether it's MOLLE webbing, unique compartments, or other features, our process ensures your gear is crafted to meet your exact requirements.

Material Excellence: Military-Grade Durability

Choose from top-notch materials like 1000D nylon or waterproof PVC tarpaulin. Our materials customization guarantees durability, ensuring your gear performs reliably in challenging conditions.

Adaptable Production: Your Gear, Your Way

Benefit from our flexible production capabilities. We customize any tactical backpack design to fit your needs, incorporating features like hydration bladder compatibility or extra compartments. Your gear isn't just a product; it's a tailored solution for your operational demands.

Custom Tactical Bagpack To Skyrocket Your Business

AET manufactures high-quality tactical backpacks at affordable rates. We are also capable of providing custom tactical backpacks to suit your business needs!