How to use MOLLE?

Have you ever wondered how soldiers and outdoor enthusiasts carry their gear so efficiently? The secret is MOLLE, a system that has revolutionized the way we carry equipment.

Understanding the MOLLE system

First of all, let’s clarify a few concepts.

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Developed by the United States Army’s Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center, It is a comprehensive system used for attaching and integrating gear and equipment, primarily in military and tactical applications.

The MOLLE system includes a wide range of components, including pouches, backpacks, vests, and other gear. They work together through a standardized attachment method.

Secondly, the MOLLE webbing is a key component of the MOLLE system but is not the system in its entirety. It refers to the grid of durable strips (usually made of nylon) that are stitched onto backpacks, vests, belts, and other equipment. The webbing consists of horizontal and vertical strips that form loops. MOLLE straps are woven through these loops or slots to attach and secure gear.

Thirdly, a MOLLE panel is a flat piece of fabric or material that features MOLLE webbing. Panels can be part of a larger piece of equipment (like a backpack or tactical vest). They can also be separate, standalone pieces that can be attached to gear to provide more MOLLE attachment points.

How does MOLLE work?

So, as we mentioned above, MOLLE uses a series of nylon webbing, typically in rows and columns, stitched onto vests, backpacks, etc. This grid of webbing, known as PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System), is the foundation for attaching various MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories using specialized straps or clips.

The process involves weaving the built-in straps of a MOLLE pouch through the webbing on the gear and then snapping the straps in place. This interweaving ensures a secure, tight fit that prevents pouches from moving or detaching during rigorous activities.

Tips for making the most of MOLLE

I know it’s tempting to attach many items, but overloading can make your gear cumbersome.
Additionally, place heavier items closer to your body and in the middle of the pack. This helps maintain balance and reduces strain on your back and shoulders.
Remember to place frequently used items like water bottles and first aid kits in easily reachable pouches on your pack’s front or sides for quick access.

Of course, you can do more than these.

You can easily move or change the placements of pouches based on the activity. For example, you might use different pouches for hiking than a military-style mission.

You can make your MOLLE pack even better by adding things like holders for tools, cases for cameras, or gadgets.

Do-It-Yourself! You can do simple modifications like adding extra straps or Velcro to create a setup that meets your needs.

You can attach MOLLE pouches to things you use daily, like your bicycle, for a setup that’s useful and adaptable.


To sum up, MOLLE offers a smart way to carry your gear. The key to mastering MOLLE is understanding the weaving process and knowing how to balance your load. With a little effort, you’ll turn your backpack or vest into a highly functional piece of equipment, ready for any adventure or challenge.

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