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AET(LQARMY) is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Modular Pouches. Modular Pouches are widely used and are often used in combination with tactical vests, tactical backpacks, tactical belts and other products with molle structures. No matter what purpose, style or function of Modular Pouches you need, we can design and produce them.
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Types Of Molle Pouches

MOLLE pouches are crafted to seamlessly integrate with a variety of gear such as tactical bags, plate carriers, and other MOLLE-compatible equipment. Constructed from durable nylon, these pouches offer a lightweight solution suitable for diverse environments and weather conditions. Below are various types of MOLLE pouches

Discover our premium Ammunition Pouches, meticulously designed for tactical excellence. Our range includes Magazine Pouches, Shotgun Shell Holders, Grenade Pouches, and Specialty Ammunition Carriers, ensuring quick and secure access to vital rounds in high-pressure situations. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, our pouches meet the demands of the most intense operations. Elevate your tactical gear with our superior Ammunition Pouches. Contact us now to explore our selection and place your order.

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EMT Pouches

Experience unmatched reliability with our EMT Pouches, engineered for life-saving performance in the field. Designed to accommodate essential medical supplies like bandages, scissors, and tourniquets, our pouches ensure rapid access to critical equipment during emergencies. With features such as tear-away panels and MOLLE compatibility, our EMT Pouches guarantee swift deployment and seamless integration into your tactical gear. Trust in our commitment to quality and innovation for your medical response needs. Contact us today to equip your team with the best EMT Pouches on the market.

Utility Pouches

Versatility meets durability with our Utility Pouches, the ultimate solution for organizing and carrying a wide range of tactical gear. Whether you need to store tools, communication devices, or personal items, our pouches provide secure and accessible storage options. With customizable compartments and rugged construction, our Utility Pouches adapt to your specific needs in any environment. Elevate your operational efficiency and readiness with our premium Utility Pouches. Explore our catalog now and enhance your tactical setup with confidence.

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AET (LQARMY) abides by the regulations and quality supervision rules of each country and insists on producing high-quality and high-standard tactical equipment products including Modular Pouches for all customers around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features to look for when selecting tactical modular pouches?

Key features to consider when selecting tactical modular pouches include durability, compatibility with your existing gear (such as MOLLE systems), ease of access, organization options, and any specialized features that cater to your specific needs, such as tear-away panels or quick-release mechanisms.

Can tactical modular pouches accommodate different types of equipment?

Yes, tactical modular pouches are designed to accommodate different types of equipment. They typically feature adjustable straps, compartments, and attachment points that can accommodate a variety of gear, including magazines, medical supplies, tools, communication devices, and personal items.

What are the advantages of using tear-away panels on tactical modular pouches?

The advantages of using tear-away panels on tactical modular pouches include rapid access to essential gear in emergency situations, easy removal for quick transfer or deployment, and the ability to customize your loadout based on mission requirements without compromising the integrity of your gear setup.

How do I properly attach tactical modular pouches to my gear?

To properly attach tactical modular pouches to your gear, first ensure that your gear has MOLLE webbing or a similar attachment system. Then, align the straps or attachment points on the pouch with the corresponding webbing on your gear, and securely fasten them using the provided straps or clips. Ensure a tight and secure fit to prevent movement during use.

Are tactical modular pouches waterproof or resistant to harsh weather conditions?

Tactical modular pouches may vary in their level of water resistance. Some pouches are made from waterproof or water-resistant materials, while others may require additional protection, such as rain covers or waterproofing sprays, to shield contents from moisture and harsh weather conditions.

How can I ensure compatibility between different brands of tactical modular pouches and my existing gear?

To ensure compatibility between different brands of tactical modular pouches and your existing gear, carefully check the specifications and attachment mechanisms of both the pouches and your gear. Look for pouches that are designed to fit standard MOLLE webbing or attachment systems to ensure a secure and seamless fit with your gear. Additionally, consider purchasing pouches from the same brand or manufacturer to minimize compatibility issues.

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