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AET plays a vital role in designing and manufacturing tactical gun bags. We produce original style and quality gun bag solutions.

AET-Custom production gun bags

AET’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in our top-tier selection of customized gun bags. We take pride in producing high-quality gun bags that cater to a variety of application needs. Our range encompasses pistol bags, rifle bags, and shooting range bags, all expertly designed to meet your specific requirements. When it comes to safeguarding and transporting your firearms, AET’s custom gun bags are the ultimate choice. Discover unmatched quality and tailor-made solutions – your quest for the perfect gun bag ends here.

Basic characteristics of AET gun bag

Gun bags, also known as firearm storage bags or gun carrying bags, are protective bags or containers designed to store and transport firearms safely. They are commonly used by military and law enforcement personnel, hunters, sports shooters, security professionals, and more.Our gun bags offer the following essential characteristics:

Firearm Protection

Featuring padded interiors, our gun bags shield your firearms from external shocks, guaranteeing their safety during transport and storage.


We take pride in offering customization, with our gun bags designed to snugly fit various models, providing a secure and tailored solution.


Lightweight and equipped with comfortable handles and shoulder straps, our gun bags are designed for easy and convenient transport to the shooting range, hunting grounds, or wherever your shooting adventures take you.


Many of our gun bags come with locking options, adding an extra layer of security when storing your firearms and accessories.


Multiple pockets and compartments are thoughtfully incorporated into our gun bags, allowing you to neatly organize magazines, ammunition, cleaning kits, and other essentials.

Professional gun bag suppliers

As professionals in the field, we understand the diverse needs of firearm owners. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking tactical solutions or a concealed carry permit holder in search of discreet yet reliable options, AET Company has you covered.

Popular series of gun bags

Pistol Bag

Pistol Bag is a specialized carrying case designed for securely transporting a handgun and its accessories, offering protection and convenience for firearm owners.

Rifle Bag

More than just a carrying solution, rifle bags shield your weapons from external elements and impacts, keeping them in top condition.

Shooting Range Bags

Range bags, also known as shooting range bags or tactical range bags, are a must-have for shooting enthusiasts and firearm owners.

Gun Bag:The Definitive Guide

Table of contents

what is gun bag?

Gun bags, also known as firearm storage or carrying bags, are protective bags or containers designed to safely store and transport firearms. They are commonly used by military and law enforcement personnel, hunters, sports shooters, security professionals, and more. Gun bags come in various sizes, shapes, and materials to accommodate different types of guns such as rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

Types of gun bags

Soft gun cases

They are typically made from padded materials or fabric and are lightweight and portable. They provide basic protection and are suitable for short trips or short storage.

Hard gun cases

Constructed from rugged materials like plastic, metal or composite materials, they provide enhanced protection for firearms but are heavier, less discreet and more expensive than soft gun cases. They are ideal for long travel or long-term storage.

Range bags

They are designed to carry not only firearms but also ammunition, ear and eye protection, cleaning supplies and other accessories. They are a practical choice for trips to the shooting range.

Features and considerations of gun bags

Durable and water-resistant material

To withstand long-term and long-distance use

Padding interior

To have enough space for carrying firearms, magazines, first aid kits, gun cleaning kits, and other essentials as well as keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Adjustable straps and handles

For convenient carrying options

High quality and lockable zippers

To ensure the security and avoid unauthorized access

Benefits of using a gun bag

Firearms protection: Due to the padding or foam inside, a gun bag can effectively protect your firearms and other accessories from scratches, bumps, or potential damage during transport. 

Discreet carrying: People who know little about firearms or ordinary people tend to overact when they see a gun. A gun bag will let the firearms less obvious to onlookers. And some gun owners also don’t want draw people’s attention to their firearms as well.

Security: Lockable zippers or other locking mechanisms ensures that only responsible individuals can handle the guns.

Organization and easy access: Plenty of compartments and pockets allow you to organize your firearms and accessories neatly.

Legal compliance: In many regions, using a gun bag is a legal requirement for transporting firearms safely and responsibly.

Cleaning and maintenance of gun bags


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, because different materials require different care. Empty the bag. Move out from the gun bag. Be sure that the bag is empty. Shake the bag gently to remove dust, dirt, or debris inside. You can use a brush or vacuum cleaner. Wipe down the interior and exterior with a damp cloth.


Regular checks, including the padding, straps, buckles, and zippers to ensure that they function correctly. Lubricate the zippers if necessary to keep them in good condition. When not in use, store the bag in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.


Gun bags play a critical role in ensuring the safety of your firearms. Whether you are a soldier, a hunter, a shooter, or someone who values personal protection, investing in a quality gun bag is an investment in the longevity of your guns.


Can I clean my gun bag with regular household cleaners?

A: It’s recommended to use cleaners specifically designed for the material of your gun bag to avoid damage.

Are weather-resistant gun bags truly effective?

A: Yes, they provide an added layer of protection against the elements, keeping your firearms safe.

How often should I inspect my gun bag for wear and tear?

A: Regularly check for any signs of wear, and perform a thorough inspection at least once every few months.

Can I customize my existing gun bag, or do I need to buy a new one?

A:Many gun bags offer customization options, allowing you to upgrade your current bag without buying a new one. AET can solve all questions about custom gun bags, you can contact us in time if needed

What's the best way to secure multiple firearms in one bag?

A: Use padded dividers to prevent guns from scratching against each other, and ensure they are securely stored.