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What is the point of a tactical belt

Table of Contents A tactical belt goes way beyond just holding up your pants. Think of it as a strong, adaptable tool. It’s made to carry lots of different things – from tools and weapons to other must-have items. Crafted with tough materials like heavy-duty nylon or reinforced polyester, these

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What is a load bearing vest

Table of Contents A load-bearing vest (LBV) is a type of vest designed to help carry heavy loads more comfortably and efficiently.Primarily used by military and law enforcement personnel, their main purpose is to distribute the weight of carried items (such as ammunition, radios, first aid kits, water bottles, and

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How to use MOLLE?

Have you ever wondered how soldiers and outdoor enthusiasts carry their gear so efficiently? The secret is MOLLE, a system that has revolutionized the way we carry equipment. Understanding the MOLLE system First of all, let’s clarify a few concepts. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Developed by the

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Upgrade your soft body armor

Soft body armor, mainly designed to protect against handgun rounds, faces challenges when it comes to rifle rounds or sharp-edged/pointed weapons like knives. However, advancements in materials and design have led to the development of armor that can offer some level of protection against these threats. Below is a breakdown.

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An overview of soft body armor materials

Table of Contents In the quest for personal safety, particularly for those in law enforcement or high-risk environments, understanding the materials that make up soft body armor is important. It’s not just about wearing a vest; it’s about knowing what’s in that vest and how it can save your life.

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What do the NIJ protection levels mean?

Table of Contents When you are browsing body armor vests, it’s most likely that you’ll encounter the phrase “NIJ protection levels”. What do they mean? It’s a topic that’s crucial for anyone considering body armor for personal protection, professional use, or just plain curiosity. Understanding these levels can be a

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